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A hall of records, or numbers, or spaces still undone, ruins, or relics, disciples and the young...

I'm in SUCH a good mood, I don't want anything to end it.

Yesterday I had a lovely day, I wish I could relive it.

Got up, made it to my 9am lecture, met Hannah, went for coffee, went to my 11.10am lecture, walked Hannah down to the station, went to my 1pm tutorial. Then, I met Kate (who I hadn't seen in AGES) at Bedlam, chatted for a while then saw 2 short plays. Started walking back and bumped into Hannah from drama, then I saw Nora. We found Doddy and spoke to him, then Nora had to get the bus so I went to Starbucks and walked back across the Meadows.

Labour Club last night too. The actual meeting bit was a bit boring, but the guys are funny so it's cool. Then we all went to Teviot for drinks. Had such a good time ;-)

Today, made it to my 9am tutorial, and I've had another 2 lectures since. Just now I'm on a 4 hour break so I've been to Starbucks and in the library for a while. Got to return a book soon. Got a lecture at 4 then a tutorial, and then I'm meeting Nora and Tara for coffee because I've not seen them since December.

Mmmmmmmm I'm so happy.

Right, have to go and return this book.


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