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I'm just a man, I'm not a hero...


I had a nice night last night :)

Went to see The Last King of Scotland with Jude. The film is so good, but gory. And James MacAvoy's character is a complete twat. But hot. A hot twat.

We went for a couple of drinks afterwards then went our separate ways to different parties. I came back to the flat for a bit, and Eva and Ralph were going to the party I was going to too so we all headed off to Fraser's flat for 'Keg Party 2'. Played I Have Never Ever for a while, drinking a lot. Was filled in more about my antics on Saturday night by Godfrey (who I have discovered, is called Joe. But Godfrey's his surname and the name he goes by). Then I texted Jude and he came round with some foul tasting whisky. I mean, I quite like whisky, but this was rank.

Came back to the flat, couldn't get my key to work so had to ring the doorbell til Eva got up to let me in. Intended to make some toast and drink some water, but instead just fell asleep and woke up today feeling like death. Someone phoned me this morning about my room but I don't remember much of what he said because I was practically still asleep.

Going to meet my mum soon, so I'd better get dressed.


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