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Then she might be happy, no longer lonely oh oh oh...


Right. Some explaining.

I haven't been on LJ, let alone update, in weeks. Why? I just can't be bothered with it.

There were few people whose journals I read, and to be honest even fewer I actually was interested in. I don't know if anyone ever read mine. It doesn't seem so, considering how few comments I'd get. But perhaps I didn't write anything interesting. Ever. I know, what I wrote was all me me me, but it was a way of documenting my life. I like to list the mundane.

I'm 19. So what, I hear you say. That's not that old, and you're right, it's not. But I can't be doing with the fangirling anymore. Suuure I'll still minorly obsess about something for a while, but I'm grown-up enough to realise I'm not ever going to 'marry' or whichever celebrity it is this week. But some people are in waaaay too deep, and ought to know better.

As for The Mighty Boosh, which used to involve me on LJ more than anything. Well, I still like it, but I've been taking a break. A pretty long break actually. And I think I need it. The most recent stuff I've seen on TV (eg. Secret Policeman's Ball, Comic Relief) is just recycled material, and it's getting boring. I still love the Boosh of course, but I'm content with waiting for the next series.

I've never been an insider in internet circles, and I'm glad. I do have a life outside of this place. Not that others don't, but I like to be able to distance myself from here.

I'm being bitchy, and I realise that.

Currently I have a hell of a lot on my plate in the real world, and I just can't make time for LJ. However, Facebook and Myspace are still going to remain.

I might make another LJ in which to rant, but for now guys, happy_alone is going on hiatus.

Over and out.


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