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And we don't care care about the young folks talking about the young style...

Ah. I have done nothing all day. I'm going to go for a walk, though it'll be getting dark.

Friday night was okay I suppose, not amaing but had a good time nonetheless out for Tania's birthday.

Saturday I didn't do much during the day except go to the shops and dope myself up on ibuprofen (clearly my body hates me). Then I went to work, did Supernatural tours, and then went to the Annandale Heaven & Hell party which was ace! I went as a devil/demon, the top flat was Heaven, the bottom flat Hell and the middle was some sort of Earth. I stayed the night, not deliberately of course. I just woke up the next day on the seatee, and went to McDonalds with another couple of people who'd also managed to sleep over. Then work and back to my flat for a night of TV. Watched Northanger Abbey, I rather liked it. I've never read it (hmm, there's an idea! I might walk to Blackwells and buy it), but I enjoyed the adaptation. And JJ Feild (played Henry Tilney, and also plays Fred Garland in the Sally Lockhart series) is mmmmmmm.

I bought Casino Royale, might watch it later. I also need to start studying and tidy my room.

Got a text at half 2 this morning from H asking me to come over on Friday. Yay. I like it better when he texts me first. But Friday's so far away. To be fair to him, he still has college this week and I'm finished Uni. But next week he goes home for a fortnight. Bugger him being from London.

Jess has her Napier open day on Friday so her and my mum'll be coming through in the afternoon. Going to meet up for lunch or something, but I need to be at H's for 7.

So the plan for this week is: Study, tidy my room, socialise with people I haven't seen in ages, shop, study, read. Something like that.

I should get ready if I'm going to go for a walk.


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