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We have two hundred couches where you can sleep tonight...

Last night I went to bed early, was just too tired to do anything really (like finish my essay)...

At about five past 3 in the morning the buzzer goes, quickly followed by a knock at the door and then the doorbell. Someone got up (not me) and answered and it was H saying "Is Rachel in?".

He came into my room and I was like "Waaah?" being all half-asleep and shit. He'd been at a party and was a bit drunk. We talked for a few minutes before the following conversation took place:

Me: So why did you come round at five past 3 anyway?
H: It's five past 3?!
Me: Well it's about ten past now. Why, what time did you think it was?
H: .......five past 12? Errr, I'll go and let you get back to sleep.
Me: Ta.

That is twice in 2 days he has made a mistake about the time. On Sunday I was working at 12 so I'd set my phone alarm for 11. We both kinda woke up and he looked at his phone so I asked him the time.

H: Quarter past 11.
Me: What?! Why didn't my alarm go off? *leaps out of bed across the room to get phone*   H, it's quarter past 9.
H: Yeah, that's what I meant.
Me: I hate you.

Aargh. :)


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