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Come with me, come with me, we'll travel to infinity...

This week's been eventful.

Wednesday and Thursday were the EUSA (Edinburgh University Student Association) elections and I knew a few people who were running for positions, including sabbaticals. So I spent those two days in a "Pints Not Politics, Stuart for VP Services" t-shirt trying to persuade people that they wanted Stuart McLennan over Tom 'cunt' French or Chris Arnold. Sadly, Tom won :( Which made me very angry because he's an utter wank. However, Josh got President! And other people I knew got voted in on the whole so it wasn't too bad.

Spent much of yesterday suffering from a combination of celebrating and drowning my sorrows the night before after the election results. Seriously, one of the worst hangovers of my life!

Then in the evening H came over. We watched Four Weddings And A Funeral and then 6 episodes of Spaced. Maizi interrupted and talked shite at us for a bit. But it was all good mostly. He left at about half 5 in the morning, seriously my room's in no fit state for visitors so we'd stayed up in the living room. This is why I go to his and not the other way round.

I'm meant to be writing an essay just now. A very important essay. For Tuesday. 8 page limit. I haven't started. I'd intended on spending the day in the library but it's not happened. So now I'm going to get dressed and hot foot it to the library, because I have flaming work at 6. I don't mind work really, I just wish I'd already started writing this essay.


Oh well, I'd best be off and get ready.


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