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Lover, you should've come over...

Oh I wish I could hate him.

But I can't.

Why did he (H) have to say he wanted to get back together? I basically told him where to go but now I'm having serious second thoughts. Which I shouldn't. But I do.

The weekend was fun. Big Tony was speaking, but the most impressive speaker was Hilary Benn who I think we're all in love with now. Had lots of drunken fun at night too. I also cleared things up with Jude and told him we're just going to be friends for the time being. Which is good.

I left my phone charger in Glasgow so my mum's posted it. Should arrive tomorrow (today). My phone's out of battery so I neeeeed it! It's the only reason I've not texted him.

I have uni, then work and then I've got to pop into Rich's to lend him my Forward Russia album because he said he'd come with me on Wednesday. Yay. Am quite looking forward to it.

Then Patrick Wolf on Friday, Hannah's show on Saturday and home again at the weekend!

Damn him. Why do I still like him? I thought I'd gotten over it.


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