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I'm a full on TWAT.

1. I emailed the Evidence course organiser AGES ago about reviewing my exam. And then didn't check my emails until today. Turns out he'd replied but his usggested appointment was like 2 weeks ago. Fuck. I've had to email him and apologise and say I forgot to check my emails and could we possible rearrange the appointment. Which obviously makes me look sooooooo good.

2. I need to stop getting drunk on weeknights. It was, to be fair, Maizi's birthday yesterday. But today I feel like I have the plague. I've dragged myself into Uni (although I missed my 9am lecture, oh poor Trust and Succession I do actually quite enjoy you but you have to be on at 9am don't you?).

3. I have a tutorial in Jurisprudence in 10 minutes with my HOT tutor. I look like shit though. And ridiculously emo. In an emo boy way though, not emo girl. I just threw on clothes and voila. Also, I haven't done all the reading for the tutorial, nor do I have any paper on which to write. I'm well cool me.

4. I have phone banking later. With Jude. Now, after Wednesday's events (which I realise I didn't write about. Basically, people at Labour Club found out about us and were teasing us. And he went all weird and embarrassed. So I gave him the weekend to see how he feels. We met yesterday to talk but talked about anything BUT what we were there to talk about) things could be slightly awkward.


I'm going to see the Long Blondes with Tierney tomorrow. And, this weekend is going to be great! I'm going to a Labour Youth Conference in Glasgow so I'll be staying at home. Friday has a BIG speaker. We're not really meant to know who, but we do. And let's just say you can't get any bigger in terms of members of the Labour Party. Know what I'm saying? And I don't mean big as in fat. It's gonna be well cool.

And then next week I'm going to see Forward, Russia (although I don't know who with yet) on the Wednesday, and Patrick Wolf in Glasgow on the Friday. Kirsti's coming with me, she downloaded some of his stuff after I offered her the ticket and she likes it. Yay, I heart Kirsti. And on the Saturday I'm going to see Hannah's show. So I'm basically spending another weekend in Glasgow.

Right, I have to go to my tutorial now.


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