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Everybody knows that baby's got new clothes...


That's two days in a row that I've made it to uni for 9am. Hurrah.

Wednesday I went to Labour Club. The actual meeting wasn't that long, but hopefully I'll be going to a Youth Conference in Glasgow in February. Yay. And then we went to Oddfellows for drinks and stayed til closing time. Was a lot of fun. I know people more so the atmosphere was far more relaxed. Plus, Nick Ward was talking to me a bit and knew my name. Result. He's uber social whore. But hilarious and a lovely guy. We all walked back together because being students, we all lived in similar areas of town. Got back just before 2am.

Yesterday went to Uni......that was about it really. My room was getting painted, and that's continuing today. Hopefully it'll be finished and I can move all my stuff back in.

Today, well I've been to one lecture. And I have a tutorial at 1pm and another lecture at 2pm and then that's me for the day. Going to the cinema later so I'll need to get back to my flat, shower quickly and get out after my lecture.

I understand that this is a thoroughly pointless entry isn't it? Ach well.

I'm going to go, should do my tutorial work.

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