Parsley (happy_alone) wrote,

It's just what young lovers do...

 I'm getting increasingly paranoid about the events of last night.

One minute I'm dancing, the next I wake up in my sleeping bag in the living room (where I'm sleeping just now while my room's being done).

Things I don't remember include: at least 1 round of drinks, deciding to go home, getting my bag and jacket from the cloak room, Godfrey (hahahahahah) taking me home in a taxi, collapsing in the hall, Maizi getting up to let Cathal in and prodding me to see I was alive, waking up, losing 1 contact lens, getting into my sleeping bag.

I'm scared that there's more that I don't remember.

I fucking hope I didn't pull anyone :S

On another note, I was drunk on Friday and decided to message Jude. Good thing is he texted me and asked if I wanted to go see The Last King of Scotland with him. I don't think it's a date but I don't know.

I feel so so so ill. And I'm going out tomorrow to celebrate Nick's birthday. Am I mad? Maybe.


EDIT: Going to the cinema on Friday.
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