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I've got a brand new pair of roller-skates...

Hello my LJ friends list (none of whom ever comment...)!

This week has been okay so far I suppose.

Monday went to Uni...and that was about it really I think. Tuesday...went to Uni and then slept a bit. Put off tidying my room until about half past 1 in the morning when Maizi turned the TV and my laptop off and forced me to go and gut the room. Which I did, but it took me till 6am and I was exhausted. Elected not to go to my morning lectures as a result and stayed in the flat catching up on sleep. Except that the workmen had arrived to FINALLY repair my room and this for some reason involved drilling. Which was very very very noisy. Also, I'd bagged my stuff up and it was all in the hall, but my door was propped open by the workmen and everything in the hall got covered by all my handbags and books. See this face? Not amused.

I did however go to my tutorial on Commercial Law. Was okay, the tutor was nice. Not as good as my Jurisprudence tutorial yesterday though. The tutor is young, French, funny and Hottt. Plus motivated and interested in what he's talking about. Which all makes for a good time really.

This evening I went to Labour Club. We had a debate on Foreign Intervention. I didn't contribute, as I felt I probably wasn't informed enough to contribute anything that sounded clever but I was happy to sit back and listen to what everyone was saying. Mischa from work goes, as I discovered tonight, and it turns out he's as disliked there as he is at work. Well...he's just a bit weird and I think has some conflicting views. James was there again which I find a bit awkward. I pulled him in the summer and I hope he doesn't recognise me, but I think he might. Ach well. I didn't stay for drinks after because none of the other girls were (only 3 of us turned up), Kenny wasn't there, Nick H wasn't there, neither was Guy and Jude wasn't staying for long so I didn't want to be left with people I hadn't spoken to much including someone I'd pulled before. Jude was making a real effort to talk to me. But maybe he's just friendly. I do like Jude, but James is way hotter and cooler. That shouldn't matter though really, I'm just quite shallow. Kenny's always very friendly as well. And you know what's fun? Being, as a female, in the minority. You get more attention. Especially when you're dressed nicely and are wearing a lowish-cut dress. That sounds quite anti-feminist doesn't it? I don't mean it that way. I heart the Labour Club. I'm going campaigning with them on Saturday.

Right, I have a tutorial at 9am tomorrow. I'm in till 6pm, eek. But I do have 12pm-4pm off so that's not too bad.


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