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I tried to be like Grace Kelly...

Sometimes writing in this is sort of therapeutic.

I got the fright of my life on Saturday night. I was doing my second Supernatural History tour of the night and was in this area called 'Pre-Close'. My torch started being really dim and I could barely see anything, especially as this room is really dark. Heard footsteps on the close and figured it was John (which I think it probably was) and then a few seconds after they'd stopped I heard a breathy "Hello" RIGHT BEHIND MY LEFT EAR. Like someone was standing behind me and whispering into it. So fucking freaky. And the side of my neck went chilled like a cold breath was on it. I eventually managed to get my torch to work and there was no-one there. My tour group hadn't heard anything but I swear to God I was not making it up. I froze for a few seconds and then managed to do the remainder of the tour but I was really shakey and scared. I'm pretty sceptical but I cannot explain what that voice was.


On Friday night I went out to Isobar on Bernard Street for my manager Ruth's leaving do. Had to navigate my way there on the bus because it's the other side of town from where I live. I dressed up and I felt I looked really nice. Stayed for a while and then Eliza, Chantelle and I went to Opium for a bit before going home.

After work yesterday (and the freaky voice) I met Kate and we went to a party in Marchmount. Rich and two of his friends had had a 3 day party thing for their birthdays and this was the last one. The only people I knew were Kate, Rich, Rich's flatmates and some people we'd talked to on Thursday. And then my friend Kieran (not the cunt, a different one) turned up so I knew him too. Me, Kate, Kieran, Nick, Rich, Ed, Sarah and Sam all decided to go to Potterrow but the queue was massive so Sarah and Sam went off somewhere and Rich and Ed went back to the party. The rest of us waited for about 50minutes in the queue before giving up and going to Teviot to drink. I hadn't seen Kieran in ages and I'd never properly spoken to Nick before, both are well sound guys. Had a good night in the end.

I'm watching The Baby Borrowers, but our TV's being a bit fucked up. Porbably due to the awful weather outside. It makes me want a baby. 

Back to Uni tomorrow. Delict, then Taxation and Property Law 2 I think. And later on I've got Commercial Law. I think. I also need to gut out my room because it's being replastered on Wednesday. Aargh.

I *should* go to bed, and I will soon. But I'm going to watch some OC first I've decided.

But for now, good night!


EDIT: A programme called Fat Boy To Slim has just come on. There's a 16 year old boy who weighs 21 stone on it. He has much bigger breasts than I do.  I really didn't need to see his semi-naked body.
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