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Urgh, I'm an idiot. Only signed up for 1 tutorial and now the online sign-ups have been taken down so I've had to email this woman to find out what to do. Shite.

Was out last night for Rich's 20th. I made him a Fusilli Rich, based on Fusilli Jerry in the Seinfeld episode The Fusilli Jerry. It rocked but very few (possibley only me and Rich) got the reference. It was a figurine made entirely from fusilli. Anyway, it was 2 for 1 on cocktails so Kate and I got thoroughly trashed. We ended up at this guy's flat playing poker but I sat it out as I was too drunk to think. Well, actually I wasn't that drunk just more unwell and tired. But thankfully they made me drink a lot of water so I didn't have a hangover today!

Slept in though and missed my 9am lecture. Am going to go to the library soon and work to try and catch up on what I've missed. I'm trying to be better this semester and actually do the work and reading when I've missed a lecture rather than just be lazy and not do it.

Tonight it's Ruth's leaving/birthday celebrations. Some bar and then maybe a casino. Ooh swish.

I suppose I should go to the library then!

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