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Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
3:29 am - Then she might be happy, no longer lonely oh oh oh...


Right. Some explaining.

I haven't been on LJ, let alone update, in weeks. Why? I just can't be bothered with it.

There were few people whose journals I read, and to be honest even fewer I actually was interested in. I don't know if anyone ever read mine. It doesn't seem so, considering how few comments I'd get. But perhaps I didn't write anything interesting. Ever. I know, what I wrote was all me me me, but it was a way of documenting my life. I like to list the mundane.

I'm 19. So what, I hear you say. That's not that old, and you're right, it's not. But I can't be doing with the fangirling anymore. Suuure I'll still minorly obsess about something for a while, but I'm grown-up enough to realise I'm not ever going to 'marry' or whichever celebrity it is this week. But some people are in waaaay too deep, and ought to know better.

As for The Mighty Boosh, which used to involve me on LJ more than anything. Well, I still like it, but I've been taking a break. A pretty long break actually. And I think I need it. The most recent stuff I've seen on TV (eg. Secret Policeman's Ball, Comic Relief) is just recycled material, and it's getting boring. I still love the Boosh of course, but I'm content with waiting for the next series.

I've never been an insider in internet circles, and I'm glad. I do have a life outside of this place. Not that others don't, but I like to be able to distance myself from here.

I'm being bitchy, and I realise that.

Currently I have a hell of a lot on my plate in the real world, and I just can't make time for LJ. However, Facebook and Myspace are still going to remain.

I might make another LJ in which to rant, but for now guys, happy_alone is going on hiatus.

Over and out.


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Monday, March 26th, 2007
6:41 pm - And we don't care care about the young folks talking about the young style...
Ah. I have done nothing all day. I'm going to go for a walk, though it'll be getting dark.

Friday night was okay I suppose, not amaing but had a good time nonetheless out for Tania's birthday.

Saturday I didn't do much during the day except go to the shops and dope myself up on ibuprofen (clearly my body hates me). Then I went to work, did Supernatural tours, and then went to the Annandale Heaven & Hell party which was ace! I went as a devil/demon, the top flat was Heaven, the bottom flat Hell and the middle was some sort of Earth. I stayed the night, not deliberately of course. I just woke up the next day on the seatee, and went to McDonalds with another couple of people who'd also managed to sleep over. Then work and back to my flat for a night of TV. Watched Northanger Abbey, I rather liked it. I've never read it (hmm, there's an idea! I might walk to Blackwells and buy it), but I enjoyed the adaptation. And JJ Feild (played Henry Tilney, and also plays Fred Garland in the Sally Lockhart series) is mmmmmmm.

I bought Casino Royale, might watch it later. I also need to start studying and tidy my room.

Got a text at half 2 this morning from H asking me to come over on Friday. Yay. I like it better when he texts me first. But Friday's so far away. To be fair to him, he still has college this week and I'm finished Uni. But next week he goes home for a fortnight. Bugger him being from London.

Jess has her Napier open day on Friday so her and my mum'll be coming through in the afternoon. Going to meet up for lunch or something, but I need to be at H's for 7.

So the plan for this week is: Study, tidy my room, socialise with people I haven't seen in ages, shop, study, read. Something like that.

I should get ready if I'm going to go for a walk.



current mood: touched

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Friday, March 23rd, 2007
6:36 pm - You could have it all...
I  had a nice night last night with H.

We watched Spaced, Skins (omg!) and some film called The Business with his flatmates and their friends. Had to watch them play Pro-Evo but eventually everyone left and it was just me and him. We ended up talking for ages instead of sleeping, even though we were both so tired. It was my turn to get the duvet, and he wrapped himself up in a sheet like a mummy. He's so silly :) It's nights like last night that make me remember why I put up with him making me watch him play Pro-Evo and not offering me a sandwich when he's making himself one.

Ach, I'm going out tonight with work people for Tania's birthday. Should be good!

Should go then, bye!


current mood: loved

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Thursday, March 22nd, 2007
3:13 am - Let me dance with her just for the hell of it...


H cancelled on me on Saturday and I didn't hear from him. I decided to text him on Tuesday and I'd prepared myself to a 'he's a dick' mentality, except he did reply. I'm seeing him tomorrow night.

Tonight LC was a bit rubbish. Went to Potterrow where there was hardly anyone. Then me, Ellie, Laura, Dan and Tom went to Cav. Tom and then Ellie left. We were dancing with J. I would have pulled him if he'd wanted. Sometimes I hate myself. Me and J are exactly the same as we were when we were dating minus the kissing. I do still like him. But I like H as well. Oh fuck men!


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Tuesday, March 13th, 2007
9:23 am - We have two hundred couches where you can sleep tonight...

Last night I went to bed early, was just too tired to do anything really (like finish my essay)...

At about five past 3 in the morning the buzzer goes, quickly followed by a knock at the door and then the doorbell. Someone got up (not me) and answered and it was H saying "Is Rachel in?".

He came into my room and I was like "Waaah?" being all half-asleep and shit. He'd been at a party and was a bit drunk. We talked for a few minutes before the following conversation took place:

Me: So why did you come round at five past 3 anyway?
H: It's five past 3?!
Me: Well it's about ten past now. Why, what time did you think it was?
H: .......five past 12? Errr, I'll go and let you get back to sleep.
Me: Ta.

That is twice in 2 days he has made a mistake about the time. On Sunday I was working at 12 so I'd set my phone alarm for 11. We both kinda woke up and he looked at his phone so I asked him the time.

H: Quarter past 11.
Me: What?! Why didn't my alarm go off? *leaps out of bed across the room to get phone*   H, it's quarter past 9.
H: Yeah, that's what I meant.
Me: I hate you.

Aargh. :)


current mood: dorky

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Monday, March 12th, 2007
1:24 am - Tell me no secrets, tell me some lies...
I have an essay due tomorrow that I've not started, which is clearly why I'm updating this instead.

Yesterday was largely a day spent with H.

We played pool, he made me pasta, we watched Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle. Then we both went to work and after I went back to his. We watched Spaced, went to bed, he played piano and we talked about art and went to sleep.

He makes me smile. But I know not to get too involved after last time. I should talk to him.

Had to leave him sleepy and go to work today. Work was okay, but I know I'd rather have stayed sleeping in his bed.

Right, I need to do this flaming essay. It's due for 12.


Oh I wish he was here. So pretty.


current mood: happy

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Saturday, March 3rd, 2007
3:09 pm - Come with me, come with me, we'll travel to infinity...
This week's been eventful.

Wednesday and Thursday were the EUSA (Edinburgh University Student Association) elections and I knew a few people who were running for positions, including sabbaticals. So I spent those two days in a "Pints Not Politics, Stuart for VP Services" t-shirt trying to persuade people that they wanted Stuart McLennan over Tom 'cunt' French or Chris Arnold. Sadly, Tom won :( Which made me very angry because he's an utter wank. However, Josh got President! And other people I knew got voted in on the whole so it wasn't too bad.

Spent much of yesterday suffering from a combination of celebrating and drowning my sorrows the night before after the election results. Seriously, one of the worst hangovers of my life!

Then in the evening H came over. We watched Four Weddings And A Funeral and then 6 episodes of Spaced. Maizi interrupted and talked shite at us for a bit. But it was all good mostly. He left at about half 5 in the morning, seriously my room's in no fit state for visitors so we'd stayed up in the living room. This is why I go to his and not the other way round.

I'm meant to be writing an essay just now. A very important essay. For Tuesday. 8 page limit. I haven't started. I'd intended on spending the day in the library but it's not happened. So now I'm going to get dressed and hot foot it to the library, because I have flaming work at 6. I don't mind work really, I just wish I'd already started writing this essay.


Oh well, I'd best be off and get ready.



current mood: content

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Friday, February 23rd, 2007
8:59 am - You put me in the magic position darling...

Oh Rachel, you're so bad.

You weren't going to but you wanted to so you did.

But it was worth it surely?

Things had better not play out like they did last time mind.

But still. Mmmmmmmm...


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Tuesday, February 20th, 2007
2:05 am - Lover, you should've come over...

Oh I wish I could hate him.

But I can't.

Why did he (H) have to say he wanted to get back together? I basically told him where to go but now I'm having serious second thoughts. Which I shouldn't. But I do.

The weekend was fun. Big Tony was speaking, but the most impressive speaker was Hilary Benn who I think we're all in love with now. Had lots of drunken fun at night too. I also cleared things up with Jude and told him we're just going to be friends for the time being. Which is good.

I left my phone charger in Glasgow so my mum's posted it. Should arrive tomorrow (today). My phone's out of battery so I neeeeed it! It's the only reason I've not texted him.

I have uni, then work and then I've got to pop into Rich's to lend him my Forward Russia album because he said he'd come with me on Wednesday. Yay. Am quite looking forward to it.

Then Patrick Wolf on Friday, Hannah's show on Saturday and home again at the weekend!

Damn him. Why do I still like him? I thought I'd gotten over it.


current mood: confused

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Tuesday, February 13th, 2007
12:47 pm - Magick
I'm a full on TWAT.

1. I emailed the Evidence course organiser AGES ago about reviewing my exam. And then didn't check my emails until today. Turns out he'd replied but his usggested appointment was like 2 weeks ago. Fuck. I've had to email him and apologise and say I forgot to check my emails and could we possible rearrange the appointment. Which obviously makes me look sooooooo good.

2. I need to stop getting drunk on weeknights. It was, to be fair, Maizi's birthday yesterday. But today I feel like I have the plague. I've dragged myself into Uni (although I missed my 9am lecture, oh poor Trust and Succession I do actually quite enjoy you but you have to be on at 9am don't you?).

3. I have a tutorial in Jurisprudence in 10 minutes with my HOT tutor. I look like shit though. And ridiculously emo. In an emo boy way though, not emo girl. I just threw on clothes and voila. Also, I haven't done all the reading for the tutorial, nor do I have any paper on which to write. I'm well cool me.

4. I have phone banking later. With Jude. Now, after Wednesday's events (which I realise I didn't write about. Basically, people at Labour Club found out about us and were teasing us. And he went all weird and embarrassed. So I gave him the weekend to see how he feels. We met yesterday to talk but talked about anything BUT what we were there to talk about) things could be slightly awkward.


I'm going to see the Long Blondes with Tierney tomorrow. And, this weekend is going to be great! I'm going to a Labour Youth Conference in Glasgow so I'll be staying at home. Friday has a BIG speaker. We're not really meant to know who, but we do. And let's just say you can't get any bigger in terms of members of the Labour Party. Know what I'm saying? And I don't mean big as in fat. It's gonna be well cool.

And then next week I'm going to see Forward, Russia (although I don't know who with yet) on the Wednesday, and Patrick Wolf in Glasgow on the Friday. Kirsti's coming with me, she downloaded some of his stuff after I offered her the ticket and she likes it. Yay, I heart Kirsti. And on the Saturday I'm going to see Hannah's show. So I'm basically spending another weekend in Glasgow.

Right, I have to go to my tutorial now.



current mood: illlll

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Monday, February 5th, 2007
7:26 pm - Then they played that song at the Death Disco, it started fast but it ends so slow...

Had an okay weekend personally. Got to work at 9.30am and did two different shifts: 9.30am-2pm and then 5.40pm-10pm. The second one was doing witchpricker for the Supernatural tours. I played it as a witch and it was so much fun! I got to go totally crazy and scream at tourists. Hopefully I'll get to do it again. Then after we went for a couple of drinks at the pub.

Yesterday I was in work for 11am. First 2 tours were okay but the last one was shite. Well, basically the tourists were shite, not me. Came back to my flat for a bit then went out again for Vikki's 20th. A few drinks in The Advocate then off to Opium. I looked the shit. But, by the end of the night I could barely walk because of my stupid shoes. Vanity is not worth the pain! Lies. It well is. Had a fun night anyway, dancing and drinking and gossiping.

Today I felt illlll. Was going to visit Kate but didn't. I'll do that tomorrow. However, I'm up and showered and I'm going to the cinema again with Jude. To see Notes On A Scandal. Apparently Judi Dench is very good in it, so I'm looking forward to it. Plus I'm just looking forward to seeing Jude.

Ought to get ready. Not meeting for over an hour but still, I'm lazy so it'll probably take me that long to be ready!



current mood: cheerful

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Thursday, February 1st, 2007
2:54 pm - A hall of records, or numbers, or spaces still undone, ruins, or relics, disciples and the young...
I'm in SUCH a good mood, I don't want anything to end it.

Yesterday I had a lovely day, I wish I could relive it.

Got up, made it to my 9am lecture, met Hannah, went for coffee, went to my 11.10am lecture, walked Hannah down to the station, went to my 1pm tutorial. Then, I met Kate (who I hadn't seen in AGES) at Bedlam, chatted for a while then saw 2 short plays. Started walking back and bumped into Hannah from drama, then I saw Nora. We found Doddy and spoke to him, then Nora had to get the bus so I went to Starbucks and walked back across the Meadows.

Labour Club last night too. The actual meeting bit was a bit boring, but the guys are funny so it's cool. Then we all went to Teviot for drinks. Had such a good time ;-)

Today, made it to my 9am tutorial, and I've had another 2 lectures since. Just now I'm on a 4 hour break so I've been to Starbucks and in the library for a while. Got to return a book soon. Got a lecture at 4 then a tutorial, and then I'm meeting Nora and Tara for coffee because I've not seen them since December.

Mmmmmmmm I'm so happy.

Right, have to go and return this book.



current mood: happy

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Saturday, January 27th, 2007
2:24 pm - I'm just a man, I'm not a hero...

I had a nice night last night :)

Went to see The Last King of Scotland with Jude. The film is so good, but gory. And James MacAvoy's character is a complete twat. But hot. A hot twat.

We went for a couple of drinks afterwards then went our separate ways to different parties. I came back to the flat for a bit, and Eva and Ralph were going to the party I was going to too so we all headed off to Fraser's flat for 'Keg Party 2'. Played I Have Never Ever for a while, drinking a lot. Was filled in more about my antics on Saturday night by Godfrey (who I have discovered, is called Joe. But Godfrey's his surname and the name he goes by). Then I texted Jude and he came round with some foul tasting whisky. I mean, I quite like whisky, but this was rank.

Came back to the flat, couldn't get my key to work so had to ring the doorbell til Eva got up to let me in. Intended to make some toast and drink some water, but instead just fell asleep and woke up today feeling like death. Someone phoned me this morning about my room but I don't remember much of what he said because I was practically still asleep.

Going to meet my mum soon, so I'd better get dressed.



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Friday, January 26th, 2007
10:15 am - Everybody knows that baby's got new clothes...

That's two days in a row that I've made it to uni for 9am. Hurrah.

Wednesday I went to Labour Club. The actual meeting wasn't that long, but hopefully I'll be going to a Youth Conference in Glasgow in February. Yay. And then we went to Oddfellows for drinks and stayed til closing time. Was a lot of fun. I know people more so the atmosphere was far more relaxed. Plus, Nick Ward was talking to me a bit and knew my name. Result. He's uber social whore. But hilarious and a lovely guy. We all walked back together because being students, we all lived in similar areas of town. Got back just before 2am.

Yesterday went to Uni......that was about it really. My room was getting painted, and that's continuing today. Hopefully it'll be finished and I can move all my stuff back in.

Today, well I've been to one lecture. And I have a tutorial at 1pm and another lecture at 2pm and then that's me for the day. Going to the cinema later so I'll need to get back to my flat, shower quickly and get out after my lecture.

I understand that this is a thoroughly pointless entry isn't it? Ach well.

I'm going to go, should do my tutorial work.


current mood: tired

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Sunday, January 21st, 2007
8:58 pm - It's just what young lovers do...
 I'm getting increasingly paranoid about the events of last night.

One minute I'm dancing, the next I wake up in my sleeping bag in the living room (where I'm sleeping just now while my room's being done).

Things I don't remember include: at least 1 round of drinks, deciding to go home, getting my bag and jacket from the cloak room, Godfrey (hahahahahah) taking me home in a taxi, collapsing in the hall, Maizi getting up to let Cathal in and prodding me to see I was alive, waking up, losing 1 contact lens, getting into my sleeping bag.

I'm scared that there's more that I don't remember.

I fucking hope I didn't pull anyone :S

On another note, I was drunk on Friday and decided to message Jude. Good thing is he texted me and asked if I wanted to go see The Last King of Scotland with him. I don't think it's a date but I don't know.

I feel so so so ill. And I'm going out tomorrow to celebrate Nick's birthday. Am I mad? Maybe.


EDIT: Going to the cinema on Friday.

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Friday, January 19th, 2007
3:00 am - Hey Mr Bar-tender...

I hate crushes.

I also hate not being able to distinguish between people liking you or just being really friendly.

On the plus side I was quite impressive in my Delict tutorial today. Probably because I've already done the course...

Aaaaaargh. Pretty. Nice. Friendly. Political. Damn you.

Also, I found a nice picture of me from last week at Ruth's leaving do. You can see my new hair (shorter and darker than before).

Now you can all comment with how amazingly gorgeous I am. Ha. Ha. Ha.



current mood: silly

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Thursday, January 18th, 2007
1:19 am - I've got a brand new pair of roller-skates...
Hello my LJ friends list (none of whom ever comment...)!

This week has been okay so far I suppose.

Monday went to Uni...and that was about it really I think. Tuesday...went to Uni and then slept a bit. Put off tidying my room until about half past 1 in the morning when Maizi turned the TV and my laptop off and forced me to go and gut the room. Which I did, but it took me till 6am and I was exhausted. Elected not to go to my morning lectures as a result and stayed in the flat catching up on sleep. Except that the workmen had arrived to FINALLY repair my room and this for some reason involved drilling. Which was very very very noisy. Also, I'd bagged my stuff up and it was all in the hall, but my door was propped open by the workmen and everything in the hall got covered by dust...like all my handbags and books. See this face? Not amused.

I did however go to my tutorial on Commercial Law. Was okay, the tutor was nice. Not as good as my Jurisprudence tutorial yesterday though. The tutor is young, French, funny and Hottt. Plus motivated and interested in what he's talking about. Which all makes for a good time really.

This evening I went to Labour Club. We had a debate on Foreign Intervention. I didn't contribute, as I felt I probably wasn't informed enough to contribute anything that sounded clever but I was happy to sit back and listen to what everyone was saying. Mischa from work goes, as I discovered tonight, and it turns out he's as disliked there as he is at work. Well...he's just a bit weird and I think has some conflicting views. James was there again which I find a bit awkward. I pulled him in the summer and I hope he doesn't recognise me, but I think he might. Ach well. I didn't stay for drinks after because none of the other girls were (only 3 of us turned up), Kenny wasn't there, Nick H wasn't there, neither was Guy and Jude wasn't staying for long so I didn't want to be left with people I hadn't spoken to much including someone I'd pulled before. Jude was making a real effort to talk to me. But maybe he's just friendly. I do like Jude, but James is way hotter and cooler. That shouldn't matter though really, I'm just quite shallow. Kenny's always very friendly as well. And you know what's fun? Being, as a female, in the minority. You get more attention. Especially when you're dressed nicely and are wearing a lowish-cut dress. That sounds quite anti-feminist doesn't it? I don't mean it that way. I heart the Labour Club. I'm going campaigning with them on Saturday.

Right, I have a tutorial at 9am tomorrow. I'm in till 6pm, eek. But I do have 12pm-4pm off so that's not too bad.



current mood: flirty

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Monday, January 15th, 2007
1:48 am - I tried to be like Grace Kelly...
Sometimes writing in this is sort of therapeutic.

I got the fright of my life on Saturday night. I was doing my second Supernatural History tour of the night and was in this area called 'Pre-Close'. My torch started being really dim and I could barely see anything, especially as this room is really dark. Heard footsteps on the close and figured it was John (which I think it probably was) and then a few seconds after they'd stopped I heard a breathy "Hello" RIGHT BEHIND MY LEFT EAR. Like someone was standing behind me and whispering into it. So fucking freaky. And the side of my neck went chilled like a cold breath was on it. I eventually managed to get my torch to work and there was no-one there. My tour group hadn't heard anything but I swear to God I was not making it up. I froze for a few seconds and then managed to do the remainder of the tour but I was really shakey and scared. I'm pretty sceptical but I cannot explain what that voice was.


On Friday night I went out to Isobar on Bernard Street for my manager Ruth's leaving do. Had to navigate my way there on the bus because it's the other side of town from where I live. I dressed up and I felt I looked really nice. Stayed for a while and then Eliza, Chantelle and I went to Opium for a bit before going home.

After work yesterday (and the freaky voice) I met Kate and we went to a party in Marchmount. Rich and two of his friends had had a 3 day party thing for their birthdays and this was the last one. The only people I knew were Kate, Rich, Rich's flatmates and some people we'd talked to on Thursday. And then my friend Kieran (not the cunt, a different one) turned up so I knew him too. Me, Kate, Kieran, Nick, Rich, Ed, Sarah and Sam all decided to go to Potterrow but the queue was massive so Sarah and Sam went off somewhere and Rich and Ed went back to the party. The rest of us waited for about 50minutes in the queue before giving up and going to Teviot to drink. I hadn't seen Kieran in ages and I'd never properly spoken to Nick before, both are well sound guys. Had a good night in the end.

I'm watching The Baby Borrowers, but our TV's being a bit fucked up. Porbably due to the awful weather outside. It makes me want a baby. 

Back to Uni tomorrow. Delict, then Taxation and Property Law 2 I think. And later on I've got Commercial Law. I think. I also need to gut out my room because it's being replastered on Wednesday. Aargh.

I *should* go to bed, and I will soon. But I'm going to watch some OC first I've decided.

But for now, good night!


EDIT: A programme called Fat Boy To Slim has just come on. There's a 16 year old boy who weighs 21 stone on it. He has much bigger breasts than I do.  I really didn't need to see his semi-naked body.

current mood: lazy

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Friday, January 12th, 2007
3:24 pm - Alala alala...
Urgh, I'm an idiot. Only signed up for 1 tutorial and now the online sign-ups have been taken down so I've had to email this woman to find out what to do. Shite.

Was out last night for Rich's 20th. I made him a Fusilli Rich, based on Fusilli Jerry in the Seinfeld episode The Fusilli Jerry. It rocked but very few (possibley only me and Rich) got the reference. It was a figurine made entirely from fusilli. Anyway, it was 2 for 1 on cocktails so Kate and I got thoroughly trashed. We ended up at this guy's flat playing poker but I sat it out as I was too drunk to think. Well, actually I wasn't that drunk just more unwell and tired. But thankfully they made me drink a lot of water so I didn't have a hangover today!

Slept in though and missed my 9am lecture. Am going to go to the library soon and work to try and catch up on what I've missed. I'm trying to be better this semester and actually do the work and reading when I've missed a lecture rather than just be lazy and not do it.

Tonight it's Ruth's leaving/birthday celebrations. Some bar and then maybe a casino. Ooh swish.

I suppose I should go to the library then!


current mood: hungry

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Thursday, January 11th, 2007
1:00 am - Bring your sister over here, let me dance with her just for the hell of it...


Being back at Uni's been a bit of a shock to the system, having to get up early. But, so far, it's not been too bad. Some subjects are boring and some are okay, we'll see.

This evening I went out to the Labor Club. Richard Baker MSP was there and gave a talk then we all went to the pub: Oddfellows on Forrest Road. It's really nice inside, and I stayed for ages talking to everyone. Can't wait for next week.

Rich's birthday tomorrow, going out to some bar called Bierex. Then Ruth (manager)'s leaving do/birthday on Friday and maybe another part on Saturday. Plus work at the weekend.

Anyway, enough for now.



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